Sarah is in Africa. On the run. Without shelter. Without help. Out of breath.

Unjustly accused and pursued by a relentless military officer. She’ll seek refuge in the Equatorial Guinea jungle, facing death and discovering the beauty and harshness of the true heart of darkness. Sarah will experience an incredible odyssey for the love of a people and Gabriel, a mysterious man who takes her to the limit in an unforgettable finale.

Los lectores



A new twist for Fernando Gamboa ... a moving account told by the main character. More than just a good read


More Than a Great Story

.....adventure stories get! Fernando Gamboa spins a great yarn as full of twists and turns as a mountain road. Enjoy!

James Bryan

As good as....

This is a perfect gift for the season! I definitely reccomend it!

Chris Cargil

A wonderful story!

I'm gonna check out this author's books today! I so enjoyed this story that I'm gonna find another by Mr. Gamboa.


Goooood read! Grrrrrreat read!

Enjoyed it so much, I couldn't put it down!! The terror she went through. All the twists and turns. Spellbinding!!!

Brenda D'Agruma

Great story!!!

I loved it! It had me glued for two nights. I enjoyed it so much I couldn't put it down.

Chris Cargil

An amazing read!
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