The Adventures of Ulises Vidal

Discover the mystery and adventure saga that has over 800,000 readers worldwide.

THE ADVENTURES OF ULYSSES VIDAL is a spectacular mystery and adventure novel series featuring diver Ulysses Vidal, archaeologist Cassandra Brooks, and retired history professor Eduardo Castillo. An unlikely trio who will be pushed to travel through the Sahara, dive in the Caribbean, or delve deep into the Amazon jungle, facing mercenaries, hired killers, Tuaregs, sharks, or even an unknown race of bloodthirsty beings, in search of one of the greatest mysteries in history that could change the fate of humanity.

Two books of thrilling adventures and excellently documented archaeological enigmas that will take you to places you have never imagined and discover that History may not be as we have been told and that there are still many secrets to be uncovered.

Join this spectacular adventure with Ulysses, Cassie, and Professor Castillo, the best-selling adventure series on Amazon Spain that has already been translated into eight languages and is being prepared to be brought to television internationally.

Embark on the adventure.
Discover the truth.
Rewrite History.


Discover this thrilling adventure with over 500,000 readers and find out why it’s an Amazon Spain bestseller.

THE LAST CRYPT begins with the discovery of a bell in a reef near Honduras by Ulysses Vidal. Alongside his friend Eduardo Castillo and archaeologist Cassandra Brooks, they’ll investigate the mysterious origin. In their search across Spain, Central America, and Africa, they’ll face dangers and solve riddles, until they uncover a secret in the Mexican jungle: someone arrived in America before Columbus and hid an unthinkable secret there.

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Black city

BLACK CITY, the thrilling sequel to THE LAST CRYPT, follows Ulises Vidal on a new adventure with over 800,000 readers worldwide.

After their return, Ulises, Cassandra, and Professor Castillo search for Valeria, the professor’s missing daughter, in one of the most remote and dangerous places on Earth. United in a daring expedition, they’ll confront the unknown in a reality that will challenge their limits. Along the way, they’ll discover a legendary lost city where the unthinkable becomes inevitable and find out… they are not alone.

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The third installment of THE ADVENTURES OF ULISES VIDAL, the successful saga with over 800,000 readers worldwide.

After their return from the Amazon, Ulises, Cassie, and Professor Castillo are branded as frauds, forced to obtain irrefutable evidence to reclaim their lives. Venturing into remote places like the Namibian desert, they embark on a journey filled with action and discoveries to solve the greatest mystery in history.

Together, they’ll experience their most incredible adventure in search of The Last Revelation.

You can also order this book at any bookstore in your area. If you have any questions about how to do it, you can write to me in CONTACT.

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The Adventures of Ulysses Vidal


La última revelacion

Esta novela es apasionante, no te dejará indiferente. Acción, suspense y aventuras a manos llenas y además con un impactante final. No puedes dejar de leer constantemente.

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Aventuras a raudales
La última cripta

Un libro que engancha de principio a fin


Ciudad negra

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Totalmente recomendable
La última cripta

Me sorprendió el final. Pero toma ideas del libro de Dan Brown con respecto a la humanidad de Jesús. Entretenido e interesante. Recomiendo su lectura.


La última cripta
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