Discover this thrilling adventure with over 500,000 readers and find out why it’s an Amazon Spain bestseller.

THE LAST CRYPT begins with the discovery of a bell in a reef near Honduras by Ulysses Vidal. Alongside his friend Eduardo Castillo and archaeologist Cassandra Brooks, they’ll investigate the mysterious origin. In their search across Spain, Central America, and Africa, they’ll face dangers and solve riddles, until they uncover a secret in the Mexican jungle: someone arrived in America before Columbus and hid an unthinkable secret there.

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The last crypt

This book has everything I love. I'm a fan of Clive Cussler, Steve Berry, David Baldacci, and others of that ilk. I think Fernando Gamboa has joined that group!

Donna B

Couldn't put it down!
The last crypt

Just the distraction I needed. A great, fun, world-hopping, tale that mixes a sprinkling of fact into a world of fiction.

Shaun Green

Great fun
The last crypt

And so begins an adventure to rival all adventures. From Europe to the far deserts and finally on to the deepest jungles of the "New World " this amazing, ever changing

Sarah J. Epperly

Journey of the last Templar Knights
The last crypt

I stayed up late at night to finish it, just couldn't put it down! The characters are well developed and touches of humor keep them real. I will definitely be reading other books by this author.

John Smith

What a ride!
The last crypt

This is the most masterfully crafted book I've had the pleasure of reading in years


WOW, what a ride
The last crypt

Oh my goodness - these two books, apparently the first two of a series are SO SO Good!


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