Black city

BLACK CITY, the thrilling sequel to THE LAST CRYPT, follows Ulises Vidal on a new adventure with over 800,000 readers worldwide.

After their return, Ulises, Cassandra, and Professor Castillo search for Valeria, the professor’s missing daughter, in one of the most remote and dangerous places on Earth. United in a daring expedition, they’ll confront the unknown in a reality that will challenge their limits. Along the way, they’ll discover a legendary lost city where the unthinkable becomes inevitable and find out… they are not alone.

Black city


Black city

The concepts are fascinating and scary as heck!

Donna B

Exciting to say the least!
Black city

If you think The Last Crypt was great, you are seriously in for a bigger surprise in how great this book is!

Jane Ford

Black city

Wow...Rarely does a book keep me captive like this one!


Edge of your seat thriller
Black city

This book is like a thrill ride! It's fun and fast and the main characters are like old friends


An Amazonian thrill ride!
Black city

I found it hard to put down and would put this author ahead Rollins ( sigma force ) series. Looking forward to the next book.

Lawrence Bolger

Great Action Adventure
Black city

If you want a book that you can totally immerse yourself in and literally not put down this is the one.

Donald Sager

Black City

Ebook, Libro físico

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