The Adventures of Captain Riley

Discover the adventure saga that has amassed over 300,000 readers worldwide.

THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN RILEY is a spectacular series of adventure, action, and espionage novels set in the early 1940s and starring Captain Alex Riley. Commanding a small coastal vessel and an eccentric, loyal crew of mainland fugitives, he sails the Mediterranean Sea, engaging in the dangerous business of smuggling during World War II.

In these three books, you’ll find him diving off the coast of Tangier in search of a secret Nazi weapon, fleeing from British secret agents, facing terrible storms in the Atlantic, encountering cannibal tribes in the heart of Africa, battling sharks, hippos, German submarines, and even his own superiors during the Battle of Belchite. Three thrilling books, each different but united by adventure, intrigue, and humor, will take you to situations you’ve never imagined, discovering remote places, experiencing torrid romances, making lifelong friends, and even falling madly in love.

Join this unforgettable journey with Riley, Jack, Carmen, Julie, and the rest of the crew aboard the Pingarrón… and I guarantee you’ll never want to disembark.


NO MAN’S LAND takes place before the Battle of Belchite in 1937, but it is not a war novel. Alex Riley and Joaquín Alcántara star in an adventure full of humor, involving themselves in a daring rescue mission during the Spanish Civil War.

This story is a short novel independent of Captain Riley, filled with action, humor, love, and adventure. An exciting tale that will keep you glued to its pages from beginning to end.

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Esta novela es apasionante, no te dejaru00e1 indiferente. Acciu00f3n, suspense y aventuras a manos llenas y ademu00e1s con un impactante final.nNo puedes dejar de leer constantemente.

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Aventuras a raudales
La última cripta

Un libro que engancha de principio a fin


Ciudad negra

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Totalmente recomendable
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Me sorprendiu00f3 el final. Pero toma ideas del libro de Dan Brown con respecto a la humanidad de Jesu00fas. Entretenido e interesante. Recomiendo su lectura.

tA T

La u00faltima cripta
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